Family Fun

Having fun as a group is an integral part of building a strong family identity.

We like to have fun together.

I believe family adventures help build bonds that will last a lifetime.

So join us as we explore all of what the world has to offer.

From attractions near and far, I’ll tell you just how family-friendly they are.

First stop, Candytopia: Houston!

Candytopia Review: Houston!

Do you Know the Benefits to Going on a Family Picnic? ⁣

For instance, if your child has been testing your limits, try including more family picnics this summer.⁣

It turns out, eating with your kids, such as a picnic lunch, or dinner leads to better behavior. ⁣

Children that eat family meals are less likely to partake in risky behaviors and perform better in school. ⁣

A picnic also allows you to focus on your kids without distractions. ⁣

Eating outdoors is also a natural mood booster. ⁣

Time in the sunshine is related to feelings of positivity and reduced stress levels for the whole family. ⁣

Breathing in fresh air is also beneficial for children with respiratory problems like asthma. ⁣

Finally, it’s an awesome way to self reflect. ⁣

So, soak up all the benefits that picnics have to offer and hold onto Joy!⁣ What’s your favorite family pasttime?