Family Fashion

Are you team matching outfits?

I certainly am!

I’m a mom who likes to stay in sync with my family.

It’s a form of bonding and affiliation.

You can bet, if you see The Deans out enjoying family fun, we’re likely decked out in coordinated threads. Denim and white tees, or the American, red, white and blue!

It’s fun #twinning together.

Individuality is still essential, so I prefer that we all follow the same theme versus carbon copy outfits.

Critics may think it’s cheesy, but I’m corny sometimes.

Families have been dressing alike for decades. Occasionally, my mom would don my siblings and me in matching outfits for holidays and family photos.

And as a high school athlete, I remember my teammates and me wearing the same outfits on gamedays. Or, as school vice president, my student body would always think of fun themes to keep us united.

I think families who dress in matching outfits are building stronger bonds even if it is just for social media likes.

Cheesy or not, mini-me fashion is just so darn cute.

For the cutest themes, you need to plan. But, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you stick to color themes.

For example, whoever gets dressed first sets the tone for how the rest of us will dress, because we all have something to at least color match one another.

One of my favorite looks is coral and blue, so you’ll often see these colors on us.

For personal styles, I like to dress my daughter in sassy fits, that match her sassy personality.

Dad’s style is Boss, and my son is Mr. Cool.

I’m team sexy.

Even if we all wear the same shirts, you can count on my teeshirt being cut or tied or something to add a little spice.

What’s your families’ fashion style?

Ours is Sexy, Sassy, Bossy, Cool, but most importantly, fun!

Finally, if your partner is reluctant to participate, keep buying and picking out their outfits anyway.

If your significant other is anything like my spouse, he’ll appreciate having one less thing to do: figuring out what to wear.

If that doesn’t work, don’t stop dressing you and the rest of your tribe. One monkey never stops a show — the show must go on!

You can still coordinate your husband’s outfits leaving him with the option to participate, at his will.

Hopefully, your partner will eventually surrender, like my husband did.

In time, he will regret looking like the oddball in family photos, or missing out on them altogether.

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